Rooms and prices

As a guest you can enjoy the following comfort in one of our 17 single rooms or 24 double rooms:

  • radio
  • phone
  • partial minibar and fax
  • colour TV set
  • automatic wake-up service
  • all rooms with shower/WC or bath/WC
  • bathrooms with hairdryer and make-up mirror
  • comfort non-smoking rooms
  • partially with air conditioning system


Accommodation prices

All prices are including breakfast buffet (in EUR).

single room 49,- bis 60,- EUR  (obvious)
Depending on equipment.
double bedrooms
44,50 bis 59,- EUR  (obvious)
(price per person)

Visitor's tax

The municipality of Bodenwerder-Polle charges a visitor's tax of 1, - € per person and day.
Business travellers are exempt from this!